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Frequently Asked Questions
How can you and your pet be a part of this volunteer opportunity?

mvPTa offers a Therapy Pet Training Course multiple times per year. Classes meet for 1.5 hours, once a week, for 7-weeks. Pets need to have good manners before they start class. This means pets should have consistent basic obedience skills (sit, down, stay, heel). Our training course covers animal behavior, teaches students how to identify stress in their pet and other species, teaches students how to de-stress their pet, and gives an opportunity to practice the skills required for certification on an actual visit to a local facility. 

How do I know if my pet is a good candidate for pet therapy?

Most importantly, your pet must like people! Your pet also must have good manners. 
Skills assessment includes:

  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Sit, down, stay
  • Greeted/pet by a stranger
  • Walking past an unfamiliar dog with only mild curiosity
  • Walking calmly through a crowd
  • Calm around medical devices
  • Tolerating crowded petting without jumping up or getting overly active or shying away
  • Not overly startled by loud noises
What should I do to prepare my pet for pet therapy?

Make sure your pet is well socialized with all types of people, can handle different situations, and is under control around other animals. Take your pet to stores that welcome uncertified animals, and encourage people to interact with them. Get your dog used to walking on different types of surfaces (carpet, tile). Ride on elevators. Give your pet many new experiences.  

What is required of the owner/handler?

Commitment to working with your therapy pet at least 12 hours per year. We have many facilities requesting visits and would love to have you join us!

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